I’m a Chocobo Master!

I choose you, Chocobo!
I choose you, Chocobo!

Back in FFXI, I was always kinda mad that I never managed to finish the super long chocobo quest before I gave up on the game in frustration (though not specifically over the chocobo quest). (It was because I could go days without getting a group).

It was with some joy that I finished the REALLY EASY quest to get my chocobo license in FFXIV. All you need to do is run around and do a few fates, and boom! Enough seals to buy a chocobo license from the Grand Company we joined, the Order of the Flame.

Next up: Buying my uniform. That will take several thousand more seals.

I also discovered challenge logs, and did the quest to get it. Now my guildhest, fate, and dungeon runs will be recorded and every so often, earn me some experience and an achievement.

Random dungeon today: Copperbell Mines, again. I got commendations from all three of the other members of the team, so I must be doing something right.

Random guildhest: That one where you have to fight these bandits until you get to the boss. This guildhest is supposed to teach you to kill the healer first, a hint I needed later on during a solo story quest, where a healer is just making things tough for everyone. Always kill healers first. If I were a healing class, I WOULD be scared. I died on this guildhest, my first death in one of these. I'm not sure if it was my fault or the healer's fault… but this being an MMO, I'll just blame it on the healer. WRU HEALS LOL…

I didn't blame anyone ;-) Stuff happens. I did not receive any commendations for that.

Kasul and I were sent all over Eorzea on the story quest. I thought we were going to meet and greet the primal Ramuh, what with all the talk about them with the fairies in the forest. No such luck — but it might still happen.

Level 26 now, Gladiator, four levels from switching to Paladin. I've already leveled Conjurer to 15, but I'm probably going to have to get it higher to get more cross class abilities. There's probably a third class that would be helpful, but I'm not sure what it could be.

I did open up a new dungeon; Kasul had to leave before he got to it. The dungeon is Halatali, and contains some decent upgrades for me. Unfortunately, that's likely because I've been geared from the low level dungeons, and there are no upgrades for me there any more. So, as well as earning my Flame Guardian armor, I need to start work on this new dungeon as well.

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7 thoughts on “I’m a Chocobo Master!”

  1. Paladin cross-classes with Conjurer and Marauder. The “suggested” slate of cross class skills to use when tanking a dungeon is:

    Foresight (MRD 2)
    Fracture (MRD 6)
    Bloodbath (MRD 8)
    Mercy Stroke (MRD 26)
    Stoneskin (CNJ 34)

    Of all of those… only Foresight is really useful, though the slight self-heal from bloodbath doesn’t hurt. Stoneskin can also be decent, but usually your healer will have it by the time you get much above 30 anyway, though in a sync’d down dungeon if you have it it can be a nice little buffer if you cast it before a fight.

    Other CNJ skills you can get which might be a lot more helpful in solo/duo situations are Protect and Cure, and they’re both below level 15, so you already have them available.

    FWIW, I put Foresight in my lowest slot, Stoneskin next, then Bloodbath, Mercy Stroke 4th, and whatever I feel like at the time in the 5th slot. It means I always have Foresight in any dungeon, and once I’m sync’d to 20+ (which is most of the time) I also have Stoneskin. The rest I don’t really care about.

  2. A heads up, at level 30, you can do a quest to train your chocobo as a battle mate too. Can’t queue like that though.

  3. @pk — Marauder! Agh! I almost went with Marauder as my first class, too. I’d better get started on that one. Looks like I’ll be tanking as two classes. And, on the plus side, I think I can wear a lot of my current stuff as a Marauder, too. Thanks!

    @Dan — I’ve seen people doing that. Was wondering about that. I guess I should get 30 on Gladiator first, so these quests open up, and then restart as Marauder for awhile.

  4. Thanks for those guides — those are going to be extremely helpful, and in fact have already changed how I play ;-) So thanks!

    Marauder is now level 8… badass quotient not quite as high as Gladiator, but she’s earning her place in the world.

  5. Oh just wait until you get Overpower……..

    IMO, the MRD is actually a bigger badass earlier but by level 20 they even out. Though the MRD gets its stun off-GCD so it’s a true interrupt (with 20s cooldown), while the Paladin can use theirs every GCD but it’s on the GCD so you need to anticipate when you’ll need to do an interrupt.

  6. I haven’t gotten that yet, but Bloodbath is kinda neat :-) Always can use a little healing, and it’s a heck of a lot faster than Cure.

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