Why I am not playing Neverwinter…

No Game for You
No Game for You

This has been happening for a few weeks, now. The game has trouble connecting me to their account server. Eventually I get in, but if I ever return to the character selection screen, BAM. Eventually I can’t connect again. This can happen sometimes even when I do manage to log in.

Neverwinter tech support sent me a tip sheet that was meant to help if I couldn’t connect at all. Even though I explained that wasn’t the problem.

Sooooooo…. I’m in FFXIV now. I miss building adventures with the Foundry.

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2 thoughts on “Why I am not playing Neverwinter…”

  1. I had this problem ages ago. I never was able to fix it. It only resolved itself when I had a HD failure and had to buy and install Win8.1. Not that I’m suggesting it’s worth changing OS just to play NWN but there’s the Win10 thing coming soon…

  2. It’s super annoying. I just logged in to do the invokes for my characters; had issues three times. I’m not paying them any money in their shop when I can’t play….!

    I’m certain the issue is on my side. But nothing I’ve tried helps. Maybe you’re right, and after I upgrade to WinX, I’ll be able to play again. But, why JUST this game? Something has to be weird on their end.

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