Ragefire Against the Machine…

I can't accept any kind of nostalgia server, like Ragefire or Lockjaw, while the Commonlands and Freeport are in such sad shape. Of all the things I did not like about the Prophecy of Ro expansion, I liked the "upgrades" to Freeport the least.

Taking the advice of the more experienced, I snuck — sloooowly — through Kithicor, ran madly to the East Commonlands tunnel, and then snuck once again through North Ro to the newbie fields outside the Freeport NRo gate, working my way up to level 3. I wasn't the only one hunting armadillos, but I got a few, enough to end up with a couple plat. That was money enough to go merchant diving for some tattered leather armor and a rusty spear — TOTES UPGRADES!

My hairy feet have pounded a path straight to the EFP guards sooo many times… someone buffed me up a bit, and with that help, I dinged level 3, finally!

Ya know, maybe it's just because I haven't gotten far enough into the game, but I don't think I've seen even one other rogue. I certainly see rogues chatting on the game's general rogue channel, so I know we exist, but I don't see many in the newbie fields.

I wonder what the class breakdown of progression servers tends to be. I imagine that rogues come later in the cycle, when they can be tweaked and powerleveled.

Not as many people boxing in NRo as in Misty Thicket, least where I was hunting.

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