Starting off in Ul’dah…

After much discussion, Kasul and I decided to start Final Fantasy XIV in Ul'dur (I think that's how it's spelled), me as a Guardian, he as a Thaumaturge. Though I don't think he's created his character yet — he's been fully pulled in to EverQuest, Ragefire style :)

I wanted to get past the newbie quests, eventually ending up in an outdoor zone at level 8 with my second set of armor upgrades. Kasul said the guides said the first ten levels were pretty much solo-only, but I'm already bumping into these Fate events (public quests) and that really sounds like something that indicates I've moved out of the newbie solo stuff.

I don't think it's supposed to be hard to kill things at this level, but there's no harm in waiting. It's discouraging if someone you wanted to group with gets too far ahead — or falls too far behind. Best not let that become an issue in the first place.

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8 thoughts on “Starting off in Ul’dah…”

  1. Glad to hear you are giving it an honest try. Here’s some advice – you are better off focusing on story quests more than side quests – they are of better use for alt classes (you have to do at least one alt class to upgrade to your advanced class called a job). Story quests are the ones with a fiery icons – the game opens up around them really and a lot of the “slow pace” of the story usually comes more from people doing to many side quests to move forward.

    Other than that, you’ll want to do your Guild Quests every five levels – they unlock abilities and skills. You talk to your guildmaster to do them.

    You’ll also want to unlock and do your Guildhests when they become available.

    You have to attune to every Aetheryte – the big crystal – every time one appears before you can use it. The cities (and it’s Ul’dah) have smaller ones that you have to attune to as well, and they can be used to teleport around the city. The big ones can be set as a “home point” so that you’ll appear there if you die. Teleporting costs gil.

    At level 10, when you’ve done your guild quest, you can try out another class by signing up for the guild and getting the appropiate weapon. After that, you can switch class by switching weapons. So if you feel dissatisified with your class (for now) you can try Thautermage and/or Pugilist. There’s 3 others in each city to try (not counting professions). You’ll start back over at level 1 for the new class but no loss for your old class.

    In your menu, you will gain attribute points as you level that let’s you add to your stats as well. Try to find it!

    There are A LOT of fetch quests by the way, and they do have you running around the map. Quite a bit of lore though and killing stuff is mixed in.

    FATEs are everywhere.

    Housing is super expensive, don’t expect to buy one any time soon.

    You CAN queue in dungeons with friends.

    The voice acting does get better.

    Accessories like necklaces, rings, and earrings show up on your player.

    If you don’t like the UI, in system settings (I believe) you can fully customize it.

    And, the most important advice I can give you is this: try to have fun with it and if you don’t enjoy it, at least you tried.

  2. Oh gosh, I didn’t mean to give the impression that I’m not enjoying myself :) I’m liking the world-building, and playing another MMO with a gamepad instead of the keyboard. I used to play FFXI with a gamepad, too, and never could quite figure out how to use the keyboard for that.

    Attribute points … nope, totally didn’t know about those. Things ARE a little buried in there. I like that FFXIV is so different from other MMOs. Different is good!

  3. You’re very close — Ul’dah is the city name.

    Welcome to the dark side! Go Go Gladiator! I just hit 50 Paladin today myself. I like Warrior level 48 there, probably hit 50 tomorrow) too, but overall I think I prefer the sword-n-board.

    Out of curiosity, did you roll your character on the Cactuar server under the “Bel Effect?”

  4. It’s like Invasion of the Bodysnatchers around here some days. I’d say assimilation by The Borg but I never actually watched that version of Star Trek so I might be getting the nuances wrong…

  5. You should just push to 10 and do your class quest. This will open up the ability to change classes.

    Then head over to Gridania and pick up conjurer. You can work on that while waiting for Kasul.

    As a gladiator, you’ll become a Paladin at 30. You’ll need Glad 30/Conj 15 to open up the job quest.

  6. Good plan! I’ll probably do that. Kasul did get his character made last night, and we’re both closing in on 15. Current plan is for both of us to hit 15 and then head to Gridania, and both pick up conjurer. His eventual plan is to go White Mage, should be a good combo when we get there.

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