Tipa Stabs Again!

Tipa stabs again. I can't even recall how long it's been since I made Tipa v1.0. I do remember that I twinked her with a lot of Rygorr armor from the orc fort in Velious, so that was probably the timeframe. She was my sixth character, I think? Mehve the Erudite Wizard, Etha the Halfling Druid, Tsuki the Gnome Mage, Nashuya the Dark Elf Shadowknight, Nina the Halfling Fighter, and then Tipa.

But, she quickly became my favorite.

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2 thoughts on “Tipa Stabs Again!”

  1. And I loved dumping you to your death in front of Kael SOOO MUCH!!! But, I felt absolutely useless in raids, and once my heals couldn’t keep pace, in groups. I was told druids should just solo. So I changed mains to Nina, and then to Tipa, and had a great time… until there were so many rogues in CE that I decided I would have to change mains one more time. But my heart was always a rogue’s heart.

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