Ding 66, and I’ve left Fiery Pit.

Ding 66, and I've left Fiery Pit for awhile to return to Reclamation Rock. Leveling up is going fairly slowly. There's a lot of grinding going on. Almost all the old level 60 content has been bumped up to level 70. This means that we're all doing a lot of work just to get back to doing the content we've done before. I have reminders to go check out Sharandar and Dread Ring again.

I haven't received any gear upgrades. I was fairly well-geared before, but I was hoping for one or two new items on the way up. I haven't seen any blue items drop at all. I've seen lots of green items, but… they all went to leveling up my artifacts. The new item level stuff means that artifacts and all my other gear are no longer headed to the scrap bin. I was worried about that.

Of course, this could all change once I hit 70 and start working on the new gear. As long as it doesn't require grinding dungeons with pickup groups, because that isn't happening. Three or four hours spent to ultimately fail in a dungeon with people dropping out left and right — that's what pickup groups are like in Neverwinter.

Still unsure what to do with my pets. My purple pets all can level to 35 now, and for just a trivial number of astral diamonds — merely a million or so — they can unlock legendary status and a new level cap of 40. Since a 40 pet level is equivalent to an 80 adventurer level, this could end with pets more powerful than their owner. That could be a game-changer for some classes.

If level 40 unlocked a new pet skin, well, I'd be down with that. But for now… I might upgrade Pauli the Powrie, but then, her mega-attack is really slow and usually too late. My Mod 6 pet, the water elemental Aquafan, is powerful, but he's blue, and it would cost 700K AD just to get him to purple before I could then pay 1MM AD for the legendary.

Libre, here, might be my best option, after all.

I'm not sure what's up with that little whirlygig that keeps flying around me. Does everyone get them during this Wonders of Gond event, or is this a new thing because I have a Doohickey equipped? I guess we'll see after tomorrow, once the event ends. I hope it does stick around.

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