DCUO: Valentine 2015!

New Valentine's Day event for 2015 in SOE's Daybreak's #DCUO  . In this one, tragic lover Mister Freeze has decided to take advantage of the invasion of Metropolis by the Star Sapphires to steal some of their amethyst crystals to power his freeze tech. Hey, cheaper than diamonds.

Will he finally be able to rez his cryowife? Not if Star Sapphire Carol Ferris has her way. But, in the charming uselessness shared by most of DCUO's iconic heroes and villains, Star Sapphire, with her magic ring and complete control over the emotion of LURRRRVE, must nonetheless ask four random players to help take down Mister Freeze, whose only power is his freeze gun.

It was an easy tank and spank (easier even than the official Mister Freeze alert), and you get some daily rewards. The best rewards you can eventually buy with the hearts that drop here is a lot of Star Sapphire-based decorations for your base or league hall, which actually look awesome. 

I guess I'll add this to my list of DCUO dailies. I was DPS for this run, and got second on the DPS chart to the tank, but above the healer and controller. So that was pretty much a fail for me. DPS should be tops. But, my current DPS is based around AE, and when I usually only had Freeze to target, I couldn't make the numbers work.

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