Guild Wars 2: Team Spode invades GW2!

Guild Wars 2:

Team Spode took its first steps into Guild Wars 2. This was always going to be a stretch — we have six core players, and the maximum group size is five. We were playing on Tarnished Coast, one of the busiest servers in the game, so zoning out of a city could leave people in different instances.

So Jovan (Blighted) opted to play his high level character while the rest of us grouped up in Divinity's Reach, busted some dance moves, then set out into the wilderness to fill some hearts.

It was kind of chaotic, but not in a bad way. It looks like heart-filling tasks don't update everyone in a group, meaning there really is no benefit to being in a group as I could see, aside from coordination… but not even that, we were all in Skype, as usual.

I know that, eventually, Guild Wars 2 gives some benefit to grouping, but it's not clear why people would group at the early levels. I'm still not sure what everyone's classes are (Ellie Mentale is an elementalist, and I play an engineer, but beyond that, I have no idea).

For all that I have only recently made my peace with DCUO, left hard light behind for the easier mental powerset, and begun to enjoy the game, I appreciate DCUO's group dynamics. There nearly is always a good reason to group up in DCUO, or EQ/EQ2, or other group-oriented games.

GW2 seems to fall into the same, group-optional, realm as World of Warcraft.

Ellie suggested that next week we have two groups of three so that everyone gets grouped. Excellent idea, but I would be ready to just have everyone level to 30 so we could come together for the group content.


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4 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: Team Spode invades GW2!”

  1. Is this really your first visit to GW2? I’m amazed!

    Although I would rate GW2 as one of the two or three most consistently enjoyable and versatile MMOs ever made, I’d be hard-put to think of a less appropriate choice for an established group like Team Spode. Not only does the group size not fit the number of players in your team but there are very, very few organized activities in GW2 even for the official five-person grouping.

    In fact, as far as I’m aware, having played GW2 for literally thousands of hours, the only activities specifically provided for 5-person groups are Dungeons, Fractals and sPvP. Compared to other MMOs there aren’t many dungeons although each does split into several “paths”. Dungeons also require a specific level to enter so you’ll have to level up to reach them. Leveling in GW2 is very fast though so that won’t be an issue.

    There aren’t that many Fractals either but they have no level requirement – you will be boosted to 80 on entering if need be. Unlike dungeons, Fractals have one of those eternal progression mechanics that encourage you to run them repeatedly so you can run them at ever-increasing difficulties. I guess you could do those pretty much forever. Once was enough for me.

    sPvP I know little about but you could run as a pre-made in competition I think. That would be a real challenge.

    Outside of that there is a huge amount of grouping but not on the basis of five-person parties. Content mostly scales to match the number of people available although there are a few raid-like encounters that require something more on the order of 75-100 people to succeed. Plenty of people do party up to do all this content and there are synergies to be had from doing so but it’s entirely optional.

    An experienced, organized five person party with voice coms can wreak havoc in WvW of course but on Tarnished Coast in T1 I think you’ll find most WvW operates on a much larger scale.

    Going to be very interesting to see how you get on and what you all choose to do.

  2. Bhaggy just beat me to it! But, he’s correct… there are no “group quests” like there were in LOTRO et al.

    Eventually you will get to areas where you might find a “group event” or a champion guarding a chest, but these are much later on (level 60+) I think now.

    You can participate in each other’s personal stories, and if you share the same step you can complete it with each other. Also being in a group and completing an event usually gives you a higher participation rate (gold medal vs. silver/bronze) than not in instances where there are a lot of people doing the event.

    For the most part though, I agree with Bhaggy.

  3. I played GW2 briefly when it came out, but I dislike playing MMOs by myself and soon grew bored. I know it’s unusual in these days to want to play with other people in an MMO, but I’m weird that way.

    With the new DCUO expansion coming soon, I can’t imagine we’ll be in GW2 for long. I’m still hoping we all go back into EverQuest :) Even though EverQuest has grown more solo-friendly over the years, and multiboxing is still a valid way to handle the grouping.

  4. I think GW2 solved the problem of find group members making everyone at the same zone be grouped with everyone else. In simple terms, anyone can go and help anyone else killing mobs and completing events, because everyone gains full xp and loot.

    Anyway, here goes a piece of advice for everyone just starting GW2: create a sylvari asap. No one know what will happen to sylvari after the expansion, but devs hinted something will happen. My sylvari is training for the Drak Side and shouting around “Praise Mordremoth!”

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