Traipsing about in Shroud of the Avatar.

Traipsing about in Shroud of the Avatar. It's working. I didn't see any other players, but every available housing plot I came across was all bought up. Ye shall know them by their claims….

This is definitely an explorer's game. Though, I did like their "Deck"-based combat — instead of having all your skills available (which is an option), you can opt to have your skills randomly chosen from a deck of skills that is automatically made or made by you. That was pretty cool.

Still not feeling a lot of "pull" to the game. I find any game has a real responsibility to add a little excitement early in the game to set the hook so it can reel the player in. Not yet feeling that with SotA — but, as they reminded me from the very start, this is a far from complete game, and these finishing touches have their time, but that time is "not yet".

I was reminded to log into the alpha again by the impending start of a new "Ultima" Kickstarter, "Raise the Underworld", which looks to reboot the Ultima: Underworld games.

I only ever played Ultima III, so I don't have that wellspring of nostalgia for the series that so many others do. But, I want to learn!

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