EverQuest: Plight of the Undead

Just for verisimilitude's sake, I ran through the "Plight of the Undead" Befallen quest in actual EverQuest to get tips and pointers and you know what, I think my version of the quest is going to be better.

The original quest really, really wants you to jump into the well and then work your way back up, fighting the quest NPCs plus all the other random Befallen trash. I really, really don't want people to jump down the well (or at least, not live to regret it if they do). My fear is that players will jump in the well, kill all the uber mobs I'm going to put there, run around, kill Rethkan, and be done with it in five minutes. On the other hand, I want to leave that as an option.

In fact, I hid away a potion of invisibility to undead so that people could perhaps not immediately die if they jump.

Oh, well. The average time on the quest is long enough that people can speed through for quite some time before the average timer brings it down below daily quest level. Not like it's super popular :P

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