2 thoughts on “Anyone remember UBER YOU?”

  1. That rings the vaguest of bells. As someone who thought then (and thinks now) as he passes some character dolled up in high-end gear lounging around the bank “is the circus back in town?” this is a pitch that would never have worked on me. Indeed, the entire concept of raiding never really clicked into place. I couldn’t see the point of it. I did try it a few times but it seemed to turn an enjoyable evening of exploration and excitement into the virtual equivalent of waiting in line for a bus.

    The idea that anyone would have paid a $200 membership fee and then a further $150 PER RAID!!! seems quite literally insane. Those were the days, though, when EQ characters changed hands on EBay for thousands of dollars and items for hundreds so maybe someone, someone really did see that as a reasonable price to pay.

  2. Yeah, I’m pretty dubious anyone actually did this. Even in classic EverQuest, Fear and Hate pickup raids were pretty common and lots of planar armor was just left to rot in many cases. Venril was really only important for finishing the Wizard epic. Vox couldn’t be “ubered” because of the level 52 cap. Gorenaire was often manaburned by wizards or kited by rangers. Velious completely reset armor, so really, there wasn’t much of a window for this to work.

    None of the raid guilds I was in were ever approached to do business in this way. When we had rotting armor, we would ask in some general chat channel for people to pay us plat to come and loot it. A mechanism which works in EQ even today.

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