STO: So what IS up with Seven’s outfit?

It's a wonderful world we live in where we can have a videogame show people at a conference table and still get in a decent crotch shot.

STILL not understanding why Seven of Nine has to wear skin-tight clothing. The Borg don't. Starfleet doesn't.

And, why does The Doctor look old? I know Robert Picardo has gotten older, but this is a video game. The Doctor can look like the younger him, no problem. Is this some sort of weird Bicentennial Man thing going on? And he's always going on about his subroutines. I guess that doesn't mean the same thing that it does to those long-dead 20th century programmers who defined it in the first place.

We'd probably say "module".

And, who is that cute Romulan next to him? Oh wait, that's my character, Chandra :)

Chandra despises pretty much everyone at the table. She thinks Neelix is a terrible spokesperson for the Talaxian remnants, and gets his friends killed far too often. The rest — still trying to paper over the mistakes they made in the Delta Quadrant. Pathetic.

Apparently, if Janeway had slept with Q just once, they could have been sent home instantly. She wasn't willing to make a sacrifice to save her people. How many died, thousands of light years from home, because she chose to defy an omnipotent superbeing who, the last time he was thwarted, pointed the Borg at the Federation?

Anyway. Kasul and I are doffing up to level 57 now so we can continue our Delta Quadrant adventures…


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