DCUO: Thanks, Internet!

DCUO: Thanks, Internet!

Okay, I actually went so far as to look up a DPS build, put it in play, went back and soloed Mister Freeze. I didn't even need a second orbital strike. Almost full health and power.

I should… I should go try the Metropolis Historical District dailies… Wonder if I could do those now.


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3 thoughts on “DCUO: Thanks, Internet!”

  1. It’s so easy to resist using recommended builds. I tend to look at them and think “Nah, don’t like the look of that bit there, or that”. Then I tweak them and they don’t work very well and I go back to my own mish-mash.

    When I have actually used one exactly as written, however, it has worked. I used one in Rift that was literally like playing a different and very much more powerful class. Sometimes you just have to accept that other people are better at this sort of thing than you are. Does take the fun out of it though.

  2. Yeah, the one I was using included a personal shield and extended crowd control and stuff, even in damage mode, because I figured that stuff was there, I should use it. Big mistake.

    I might still tweak this one, but I UNDERSTAND it now, and can make better choices.

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