DCUO: Lantern No More

DCUO: Lantern No More

Flush with the legendary infusion of station cash that came with the new month, I took the plunge and changed my power set from Hard Light to Mental.

Blighted took me through the new loadout, and I was following a Mental Controller guide online at the same time, and wow — this operates so differently. The instant power jolt has a thirty second cool down; it was more like three seconds on hard light. However, that gives lots more time to do debuffs and stuff. My damage is still pretty low — and I think my power output is even lower than it was before.

Since I don't have to do hard light combos anymore, I started practicing the weapon mastery combos, which are kinda hard on the controller fingers. I may have to start using the keyboard.

This new power set is going to take some getting used to. I'll have to dive into the forums. One thing is clear, though — I need to add a thousand points to vitalization as soon as possible. I can't be using synthetic mods any more. And that means endless, endless farming.

I'll figure out this game someday.


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