Neverwinter: Crypt of Befallen redesign started.

My first foundry quest, Crypt of Befallen, was confused, poorly plotted, etc — all the same mistakes I see made by every first time author. It's embarrassing to have that quest be the entry point to my Adventures in Norrath campaign. I'm sketching ideas for a remake with an entirely custom map, no pre-built rooms.

I'm building this version in mid-air so I can have actual drops to the second and third floors. The old story, such as it was, will be discarded. I'll still keep the concepts of other adventurers camping bits of the dungeon in. The current villain, Mezzinia, will be tossed out and replaced with a dark elf villain to connect with the plot running through the next three adventures and finally culminating in my next new quest, Bloody Kithicor.

The old Befallen was build with three maps. This one will just be one map. Problem with this is that this severely limits the number of NPCs I can use — the limit is 50, but if you want them to do any sort of acting, or behavior changes based on what the player is doing, that uses up another NPC slot. In Fire Sale, I started having to use friendly encounters for non-speaking parts.

One of the first things the player will see is some skeletons beating up a sleeping druid, who, once saved, will wake up and tell players about a quest (this appeared in a crude form in the original). Then, there'll be more dialog when the quest is complete. This takes up four NPC slots.

You run out of 50 pretty quickly.

I probably should add "The Nondescript House" to the quest, as I use it as the starter point for all the quests to follow.

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