DCUO: Death to the Necropolis!

Team Spode completed the Necropolis: Relics of Urgrund last night for the first time as a league, though I think most of the heroes of Team Spode had done it in pickup raids before (not me). The raid is kind of muddled; it all looks just as brown and dull as this screen shot.

There are ancient "New Gods" weapons scattered around; DPS who can use those weapons grab them and use them at specific times to stop the bosses from powering up and using punishing attacks. I don't think we did this very well, but the DPS who joined the raid had enough power to do the burninating and we got through it.

Just one more raid — League Hall Lockdown — and I'll have finished the storyline for the previous episode? Not sure what they call the DLCs. Issue?

We tried to do the Artifacts raid, but we didn't have our rented DPS for that fight and didn't manage to pull it off. The first boss, who jumps around and can resurrect his defeated minions if he gets too close, jumped around, got too close to his minions, and resurrected them. Two total party wipes later, one of the newly rented DPS disconnected, and we decided it just wasn't worth it.

Loot for the night: well, none, not for me. Kind of a disappointment there.

They've added a new thing where you can see someone's combat rating next to their name. I suppose that's a good thing if yours is high and you want to brag a little, not so good if it's low, like mine, where it stands as sort of a mark of shame.

I've never felt less capable playing a class in any other game, as I feel as a hard light controller in DCUO. Usually, in any MMO, there's been something I could do right. In DCUO, I'm at the bottom of every chart. Not just a little at the bottom — huge multiple orders of magnitude separate me from everyone else. If I'm in a duo, it's the other person essentially soloing. In an eight person raid, it's a seven person raid, plus me, the useless appendage.

Very depressed every time I log in to #DCUO. I've stopped playing outside of our weekly group…

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2 thoughts on “DCUO: Death to the Necropolis!”

  1. I was going to say I’m so glad you’re back to doing DCUO reports, because I was following them avidly. It did always sound as though you were having a pretty miserable time though so I wouldn’t want to put any extra pressure on you to carry on with them.

    I really like DCUO up to Level 20. If it went on like that it would be a really great MMO. Where it chooses to go instead, though, seems quite perverse. Still, it’s an incontrovertible success so who am I to judge?

    I must patch up and go mess around in Metropolis again. I was forced to stop when the PSS1 debacle occurred and last time I tired to log in it wasn’t allowed. Now that’s out of the way I guess it should work again

  2. Oh, it’s fun to play with friends, whatever the game. I’m disappointed in myself more than anything. I don’t know how it is I have failed so completely in an MMO. I always thought I was always at least average…

    One issue with DCUO is that there isn’t that much level-appropriate content for groups, so we tend to do the same-ish things each week. Though I should have also posted LAST week, since we did one of the PvE Legends instances that I had not done before. I was stuck playing Robin, though.

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