Crushbone’s Revenge’s first day live…

Magical Sleigh

Hey, hey, magical sleigh. I didn't get this last year because I was saving up for the Frost Mimic.

It's been a full day since I released Crushbone's Revenge into the world. I've gotten a little feedback, most of it good, some with stuff I need to address. I was kinda hoping, of course, that it would catch on fire, but it didn't.

Probably because the average playtime is creeping up toward AN HOUR. It was supposed to be a HALF HOUR QUEST. Holy crap. I am UNABLE to make a quick foundry with story and action good for the daily foundry quest.

I've just started rewriting my first foundry, Crypt of Befallen. I'm turning that into a single map dungeon crawl. It's important to be able to tell a story in a short amount of time. Right now, my West Karana farm map (pictured) is my only quest people can do without taking up a good part of their day.

Better authors can tell a story in less time. I dunno. I felt like I cut things to the marrow in Crushbone. It tells the story I wanted to tell. Just takes too long.

I accompanied Kasul through it last night, before we moved on to having Tom Paris taunt us in the Delta Quandrant. I need to make hard mode, harder.

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