Crushbone’s Revenge almost finished.

Lanys T'Vyl and friend plot against the player
Lanys T’Vyl and friend plot against the player

Still figuring out what Ello is for… slow at work today, new projects are being specced but this close to the end of the year and a department-wide vacation, not much is getting done. We had a release early this morning which went fairly well. I was barely conscious.

But since I was up so early, I decided to work a little more on Crushbone’s Revenge. I’ve spent so long on this now that it seems like there was never a time when I wasn’t working on it this year. In reality, I started development on it in October, I think, or early November, so it really hasn’t been that long.

Then, this morning, I realized that I could have made my original idea, Crushbone Arena, instead. As I placed encounters in the Shard of Hate, the final location, and noticed how arena-like it appeared, I could have actually joined story and straight combat instead of the rather drawn-out story I have now.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m happy with how the now renamed Crushbone’s Revenge has come along. Even though I plotted it out (for once) before I started building, the story got more complex as I built it. I didn’t really intend for Retlon Brenclog to become as central to the plot as he has become. I made the Kelethin wood elves more sympathetic than I intended. I expanded the role of “Priestess of Tunare”, whom anyone would recognize as Firiona Vie, EverQuest’s mascot, from an Easter egg to at least a slightly expanded role.

Average playtime for the quest in its currently published state is 37 minutes, though. All this expansion has come at a heavy price in time debt. And the currently published version didn’t have the final encounters, which include a stage to go out and gather allies (though you can get Firiona Vie for free if you don’t want to go searching).

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