Neverwinter: Foundry Contest Update #2

Outside the Auction House

Well, I meant for this second map, “Outside the Auction House”, to just be a transition map. You hand an NPC an item, he sends you on to the next map. And then I wanted to add a second NPCs story, allow you to, perhaps, choose the lesser of two evils to support. And then I thought, why should the player have to choose between two bad choices? Maybe there could be a third, hidden choice that would be more difficult, but more honorable.

Lady Alsunder is a human noble supporter of the Cult of the Dragon. She’s not evil, but she does believe in the Cult’s goals for her own reasons.

Speculator Zigto, the quest giver, has a hidden reason for needing the Orb, one he will reveal under questioning, if you help him. Could he ultimately be more of a danger than the Cult?

And, lastly, Kluva the Footpad. The city guard initially blamed her for the scuffle in the auction house. To get her help, you’ll have to do something for her that she cannot do for herself. But you’ll need to find her, first. If you think like a thief, you can get through this encounter without much fighting. But it will make the final map much, much harder. Sometimes the right choice is not the easy choice.

Still hoping to get this done by Monday, but if I keep going off on tangents, I’ll run out of time. The next map is a short one.

So far.

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