Neverwinter: Are We There Yeti?

Me and the Yeti

How many times have I done the Need for Mead daily quest in Neverwinter? I thought I’d figured out a surefire method to spawn the daddy Yeti so I could get another Yeti Treat to try and tame the baby yeti outside the instance. I hadn’t. It has SOMETHING to do with the Beast Handler, but darned if I know what.

Half the time I did the instance, I somehow got a yeti treat, but couldn’t entice the baby yeti.

Until today. Today he liked my treat. Maybe it’s because I had just talked to the handler who’d given up on him. I dunno (but probably not).

Today he liked my treat, and it was good timing because I’d finished training Brave Sir Robin as much as I planned to — not gonna sink astral diamonds into leveling a green to purple. Though I DID notice — too late — that you could use the event currency to unlock the advanced leveling as well. Maybe next year.

This guy is green as well, so he has two growth spurts in store. I gotta admit, I’d love to see his final form.

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  1. Congrats on the yeti companion! We barely started mod 3 and then a whole load of WoW guildmates defected to Neverwinter and we ended up creating a new guild and leveling new characters so progress has been almost zero on our mains for quite a while…

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