DCUO: The Death of So Crates

Keep It Safe

My favorite Greek philosopher? “So Crates”.

I’ve been hearing about this feat, “Keep It Safe”, for awhile as various combinations of league-mates tried to do it. 50 points is a lot of points for a feat. It’s simple, really. You just have to carry a crate from the start of the duo instance to the end of the instance without breaking it.


– if the the two players get too far apart, the crate breaks
– the crate is instant aggro to any monster that sees it, especially harpies and dogs. If they get close, it breaks.
– if you light the beacons that are the object of the instance, a timer starts, at the end of which, the crate breaks
– if either player dies, the crate breaks
– if you drop the crate, and then go out of line of sight of it, the crate breaks
– occasionally mobs will spawn from nowhere and fly right to the crate and break it
– Sting insists that the player holding the crate must never stop moving, or the crate will break, but I don’t know if that’s true.

A lot of mythology has sprung up around this feat. Sting and Blighted tried a run where one of them just carried the crate the entire time, staying just out of sight of the mobs the other player soloed, moving the entire time. And they got it!

Lots of us were just hanging out last night, working on stuff. I was working on new hard light combos to improve my dps. Blighted asked if I wanted to try the feat that few of the league had. I was dubious, but why not?

We did it just the way he and Sting had done it, me carrying it, keeping it safe, running around in circles, while he soloed everything. I was able to cast my group shield (my “group hug”) while carrying the crate to give him some breathing room. I dropped the crate in the rafters of the last boss room, helped with the final battle, then dropped the still-unbroken crate in the center of the room and got the feat.

Our Beloved Leader, Lord Spode, still does not have this feat. He and Sting tried it right after our successful run, and the box mysteriously broke in the last room.

So, here’s my plan: Wait until Spode is on and I am on — then buy this feat for my level 20 rage tank.

You know. Rub it in :)


P.S. Spode did end up getting the crate feat in a run with Blighted.
P.P.S. Welcome Skeery to the league!

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