DCUO: Defend The Mascara!

Fighting Circe

Last night’s endlessly rescheduled Neverwinter foundry night was rescheduled, so it was off to #DCUO . Blighted had suggested a Themyscira Divided run, if I happened to be available, and I suddenly was :) It was a pretty good league turnout for an off night, with Sting, Clara, Spode and Blighted doing feats and instances when I logged in.

The TD map was pretty familiar — both iconic solos and the War of the Amazons duos use the same map. The bosses were different, of course. I’m told there’s a variety of possible bosses, and you don’t know which ones you’ll get before you get there. This provides a bit of randomness, and gives you reason to keep returning to the instance — the bosses give out their own feats.

We drew the Phoenix as our first boss. The bird drops exploding eggs. You get a feat for letting none of them explode in one run, and then in another, for letting at least nine of them explode. Blighted had a pun about scrambling eggs at the ready, but was kind of disappointed to see that the actual feat was, in fact, about scrambling eggs….

Finishing TD finished the War of the Amazons introductory quest line for me. TD specifically rewarded me with two minor upgrades, waist and back slots. Even with these upgrades and two synth V expert mods, I remain at CR 102. Given that just a couple months ago I was languishing in the 60s, I’m not disappointed in any way. But 103 is just a personal milestone — the point at which people generally accept that you’re geared enough for any current content. For now.

This is, after all, an MMO. You are never truly done leveling.

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