DCUO: Rise of Rage

Encase a sparring target. Bring it up to the main area. Bowl :)

It was a fairly eventful weekend in #DCUO — did some sparring target bowling with +John Noll , finally got my Green Lantern insignia from Mogo, and started leveling up a Red Lantern.

I’d planned on my red lantern, CieEn Red, to live on the Playstation servers, but discovering that I’d have to re-pay for Legendary status, since it doesn’t use my SOE All Access subscription, was a non-starter. Deleted DCUO off my PS4 and just made the character on the PC. This gave her immediate access to all the skill points earned on both my main, TealLantern, and my villain healer, now passed, unremembered, into the bit bucket Brainiac keeps beneath his throne.

CieEn Red, a red lantern in DPS mode.

The most important lesson learned with the red lantern is: I don’t necessarily suck as a green lantern. It really is harder to play a hard light controller than other classes. Just running through these solo instances without crawling through at constant danger of dying? I can do that with the red. It’s a revelation. (Though as the instances get harder, I’ve had to occasionally drink a soder or two).

CieEn Red, a red lantern in DPS mode.

As Teal Lantern, I’ve been carrying around a sword on my back just to make the outfit more interesting, but I’d really wanted a Green Lantern insignia. We did a quick Assault & Battery after finishing off our Mist Empowered Villains feats for marks. I ran back to the Mogo Command Center and bought the insignia, which looks like nothing else but a disk of Tron.

I DO believe in the Users!!!!

It was a little unsettling to see that nothing in the Scion of Ion set was any sort of upgrade any more, with even the trash drops from the War of the Amazons being significant upgrades. I spent so much time earning marks of triumph for that set, and now… now I don’t even have anything to spend marks of triumph on.

It’s all about the marks of fury now — and those are harder to come by.

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  1. Make sure to go back and buy all the styles of old MoT gear you never finished or completed for those style feats! ;) Plus you can use those marks for Home Turf mod buffs.

    Nice write up, Tipa.

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