Neverwinter: Protector’s Jubilee

It was a pretty exciting week back in Neverwinter, my home town on the edge of Mt. Hotenow, where the dwarves are good looking, the elves are loud, and all the children are above average.

The Protector’s Jubilee is in town to celebrate another year of escaping destruction at the hands of the hundreds of millions of assailants against whom the city guard is of no help whatsoever. While adventurers do their deeds outside the city walls, powerful masters protect threats from the inside.

One of those secret masters, Elminster, is in town for a rest, leaving adventurers to keep the city safe for once. This is “The Protector’s Speech” skirmish, where waves of creatures attack as Lord Neverember goes on and on about how safe and prosperous Neverwinter is. Because of his tireless efforts.

Throne of the Lion

Throne of the Lion is a mount with 0 run speed. When you summon it, you sit where you are. Good for those who want to be noticed. And in the way. Preferred location: In front of a mailbox or bank teller window.

Traveling Entertainer

The Traveling Entertainer is a green pet who will follow you around and make up songs about your bravery. Brave, brave you. Bravely running away from danger.


Elminster is the one with the hat.

My ugly armor

Finished my purified black ice armor tonight. It is UGLY. UGLY. UGLY. I wonder if the new event can help me out?

Some newish appearance armor

Yes! You can earn new class-specific outfit styles. Got rid of the ugly breastplate first thing. Three more ugly things to lose; two if I get used to the ugly shield. (Although on checking once more, no shield is offered. Oh well, next Call to Arms, then…)

Reknown store

You earn renown by completing the skirmish. There’s the throne, there’s the fashion items which, in typical Neverwinter fashion, are a gamble as you don’t know what they look like. Aside from the stationary throne, the other notable reward is the /juggle command, perfect for the person who stands naked in front of the mailbox or teller window. Gives you something to do besides dance seductively.

Protector's Garden

The Protector’s Garden is a new part of Neverwinter which contains many of the NPCs you talk to in one small area. You can buy access to this area for after the event has gone. Not any real reason to use it. Some key NPCs, such as Lord Neverember and his daily quests, aren’t here, and you can still hear clearly all the gold seller spam.

Gold skirmish reward

Gold Reward for the Protector’s Speech skirmish. You get this for completing both bonus encounters within the given time.

Skirmish final boss

Oculus the Inflamed, the blue flame orb that is the final boss for the skirmish.

Commemorative Statuette store

You get commemorative statuettes for completing dailies. The ceremonial protector’s stuff is what I’m buying. I don’t know what any of the cloaks look like. The entertainer and protector’s garden we’ve discussed. I’ll buy the juggler once I finish buying the armor.

Protector's Garden

Bird’s eye of the Protector’s Garden.

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