DCUO: Brainiac dead, Spode complicit

Brainiac the once and future toaster

Soooo…. in DCUO , killing Brainiac was a thing that happened. Which very much confused me.

Last night was a feat-farm for Team Spode; we went around doing older raids in order to kill stuff in such ways as to get achievements (feats) we didn’t get before. Feats lead to skill points, and skill points are the alternate advancement points in the world of DC Universe Online.

We killed Tala before her huge clown friend in “Black Dawn”, did “Fortress of Solitude 1: Chasm” where we killed Superman’s pet dog, never had done that one so that was new (never completed the second one, either). Tore through “Kandaq” for a speed feat along with a bewildered 8th random member who thought he’d be tanking. Nope.

But it was “Prime Battleground”, a Tier 4 raid I’d also never done before, which got me wondering. In this raid, we defeat Brainiac, the villain who started this whole invasion shebang by invading Earth and bottling (or trying to bottle) Metropolis and Gotham (leaving aside that in the comics, this city bottling thing happens quickly and all at once, not the block-by-block scheme that Brainiac seems to be doing here).

And he'd have gotten away with it if it weren't for those damn kids!

At the end, it turns out that Future Luthor was behind this all along; that he, like Brainiac, was most interested in getting to the core of all reality for everywhere in all universes, conveniently located beneath Gotham. This sets up the Tier 5 Nexus and Paradox raids, which still seem to be beyond Team Spode at the moment.

All this time, looking at Luthor all buttoned up in his suit, just his bald head sticking out like some sort of fleshy wart, all I can wonder is how he gets out of the thing to poop. Or if he’s just sitting in there, with the machine taking his mess and cleaning him up. When he’s threatening you with oblivion, he could be pooping right then and you wouldn’t even know.

But, backing up — I was just told in the Amazon War Part 1 thing that Hippolyta and Circe were teaming up to invade Gotham (in DCUO, the center of all reality, remember) because mere humanity was insufficient to fight off the forces of — BRAINIAC?

Brainiac is DEAD, friend. Apparently since Tier 4. Two tiers ago. He’s long been recycled into car parts and refrigerators and….

Whoa. Am I seeing a possible DCUO/Transformers mashup in the future?

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