DCUO: CR 100!

Teal Lantern blasting at something you can’t see but would go OOOOOOOO if you could. If only!

Today was going to be the day I leveled up enough to group with the league again — without holding them back. I did enough Circe dailies to get a weapon upgrade I could actually use and BAM, CR 100. Stingheal took me on a tour of the duos and dailies in Gotham Under Siege, which Amazons are attacking for no reason I can fathom. I know, the OTHER solo daily would explain it.

I guess I have to do that one.

Through those, I got a couple minor upgrades and a new weapon — a BLASTER. Back to blasting, baby. It builds combo points very quickly. That’s me blasting the air in Gotham Under Siege, which apparently doesn’t share geography with Gotham Wastelands or just regular old Gotham. Loving the Kirby-esque black bubbles in the blast.

I assume that each new expansion is actually supposed to be advancing the plot — so here in Tier 6, the demonic invasion of Gotham from Tier 5 has been dealt with. And prior to that, Tiers 0-4, the demonic invasion had not yet happened.

I don’t know if Sting noticed, but I was trying out new combos. Hard Light heroes and villains are unique in that our special attacks only use power once — as long as you can chain combos, you are using no more power.

Combos switch from melee to range and back. I have a nice one now where I go claws > guns or ram > chains > clap > some root > some other root > gloves > clap and so on, until the enemy interrupts or I want to get out of melee range. I haven’t been great at keeping combos going, and of course in raids I am just feeding power — or feeding power and chaining, in A&B.

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