SimCity: My Contest Entry

This is my life. Paused at the loading screen.
This is my life. Paused at the loading screen.

During work today, I’d log into Google+ and read about the adventures my friends who were stuck at home were having in SimCity. Weather is cruddy here tonight, and the thing I was going to go to tonight has been moved to next Thursday, and I looked forward to some SimCity time!

But nope. There was a patch, a restart, and then —– nothing. Nothing nothing nothing. I thought the contest to send in your “best cities!!!!!” was hilarious, but… here’s mine.

Residential zoned, move right in!
Residential zoned, move right in!

My best city to date. Like it? I love it!

Friday, Europe gets to experience the modern day thrill of not being able to play the single player game they thought they were buying.


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5 thoughts on “SimCity: My Contest Entry”

  1. Another game showing how forced always-online connectivity is not a ‘feature’ or ‘enhacement’ that needs to be tacked onto every single game no matter what.

  2. What we’re doing wrong, Tipa, is having 9-5 jobs. SimCity is for people who work night shifts or flex-hours! I’m pretty sure its in fine print on the box somewhere….

  3. @Pai — I have loved Dragon Age: Origins beyond what is natural, and had a lot of fun in DA:2. But if EA decides to put some BS always-on required online crud in Dragon Age 3, I’m done with it. This is just too much.

    @Pasmith — yeah. This was brought home to me again and again today at work.

  4. I introduced my boy to Simcity 4 the other day. Like most things, he loved it for a day and I haven’t seen him play it since. He still plays Spore though.

    Never considered buying this one. I’m too value oriented. I need to rename my blog the “Frugal Gamer” or something, so many of yall buy games even though they have these horrible design flaws..

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