DCUO: Happy Valentine’s Day!

I've been locked in your heart-shaped box
I’ve been locked in your heart-shaped box

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Logged on last night to do the Valentine’s Day content that SOE patched in to DC Universe Online. There was a Valentine’s quest in my journal; I completed it and got all the rewards. Which was weird. It included a silly looking clown/ballerina costume!

This morning, in my daily Vault run, I got a heart-shaped bed!

This was a sign from the DCUO gods. Or something.

I had made a really –revealing– costume for Sunday’s game, but I felt so embarrassed about it when I met up with Doctor Apocrypha that I went back to my regular costume. Maybe Power Girl can pull it off.

Hmm. In DCUO, Power Girl is Superman’s cousin. Supergirl is also Superman’s cousin, but in a different reality. How can they _both_ be in DCUO? There was a Power Girl who was not a Kryptonian, but the one in DCUO definitely is.


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