DCUO: Grinding for Hoodies

Batwoman T-Shirt
Batwoman T-Shirt
Superboy Hoodie
Superboy Hoodie

Ever since I heard that the only hope of my DCUO Green Lantern-“ish” character getting to wear the lantern symbol on her costume was to find a Green Lantern hoodie in The Vault, I’ve been in there every day.

The Vault is the only solo “On Duty” mission available. You can do it once a day, and it’s just going in and smashing presents for cash and the occasional cosmetic item. It’s supposedly set up by Joker for the villains and fourth wall-breaking Ambush Bug for the heroes, but it’s only Joker for both sides once you get in, urging you on as you smash green and purple presents and avoiding bombs and giant bouncy balls.

I’m not any kind of expert on the DC Universe, but I don’t remember any adventure where Batman smashed presents to get a different looking utility belt. I probably missed it.

Anyway, my character in her lair modeling the two shirts. No Lantern yet. Can’t really pretend to be a follower of Superman/boy or Batwoman/girl because the glowing ring means she will always and forever be identified as a Lantern. Her mentor is Superman, though, so I am wondering how it was she got the ring.

Basic plot of the game is that Lex Luthor came back from the future and scattered “exobits” around, giving folks powers, right? So the exobits made my character grow a ring?

I guess that must have been exactly what happened, since they won’t let her be part of the Corps, and her ring has WAY fewer powers than a real one does.

Anyway, not happy with the base. Haven’t found any furniture for it, so it’s really barren, but it also has really low ceilings. This really is unforgivable for a flying character. My vision of a base would be a several floor tall atrium, around which are built living quarters and such. Sort of like Alice’s rabbit hole, except if she could fly.

As it was, she fell so incredibly slowly that she could take things off shelves on her way down to a soft landing, so maybe she could fly, a little, after all.

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2 thoughts on “DCUO: Grinding for Hoodies”

  1. The furniture thing is very weird. Why is it so different to EQ2 or even EQ, where furniture is really easy to get?

    I’m not so bothered about the low ceilings – I make most of my characters as short as its possible to be in almost every game and my DCUO “main” is no exception. Also he has the wall-crawling travel abilitiy (Agility iirc) not flight so that works. The atrium of the Deco base is spacious, anyway, although it’s true the rest of it has something of an underground car-park vibe.

    I’ve never gotten a tee-shirt drop from the Vault and I must have done it 15 or 20 times. Can’t say I always remembered to do it even when I was playing regularly. It is odd, too. Joker in a generous mood. I guess his signature is unpredictability but even so…

  2. Doctor Apocrypha is getting lots of furniture, but he’s grinding “on duty” missions and I am not because my character is level-limited to the rest of Team Spode’s level. And even if that weren’t the case, I don’t really want to know what we’re going to face before we get there; it would spoil the fun!

    Anyway, doing lots of 4- and 8-man missions seems to be the way to go.

    I hadn’t got much of anything in the Vault for awhile, but then I got these two bits of flair in two days.

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