4 Responses to “Adventures in Monopoly: Kickstarter”
  1. I would totally back Bear and Scotty! We need us a good RTS MMO Flight Sim FPS action thingy!

    I have backed a couple of games, like the Defense Grid kickstarter, because there were modest, attainable goals and there was a sincerity vibe. It felt like something was going to really come of it. And they have totally followed through post-funding. Good stuff.

    But my standard response to most of these is to think, “Sounds great! Let me know when it is on Steam and has a few reviews and I will consider giving you my money then.”

  2. Stargrace says:

    So glad you posted another one of these!

    My thoughts echo Wilhelms, especially the final line.

  3. Gripper says:

    I agree with Wilhelm on this – I havent done a single one….where is the oversight the auditing process etc….I bit on MWO and regret it….so no more… I love what Star Citizen has for ideas etc… free money is like pandora’s box…

  4. Zubon says:

    The other keyword missing is “retro.” It’s a retro RTS MMO that combines the best of StarCraft, Master of Magic, and Excitebike to bring you an epic feeling unlike any other. Someone on the team used to do tech support near EA’s headquarters!