KoA:R Weapons and Armor bundle — is it worth it?

EA released a day 1 DLC (downloadable content) pack for their Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning — the Weapon and Armor Bundle. In it are unique weapon sets with cool looks and powerful effects. The video above from Gamer King Tarheel shows them off well.

So is this stuff going to change your life if you buy it? Put the game in easy mode?

Well, since you can already set the game to easy mode, you probably don’t need to spend $5.00 to trivialize the game. Which is good, because these sets are only appropriate for the level in which you get them. If you buy them at level 1, this will be fantastic level 1 gear for you, but you’ll pack it away in a few levels.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In this RPG like most others in the genre, the hunt for better and more impressive gear to take on more challenging opponents is one of the draws that keep players in the game. If the best armor in the game came in a box at level 1, I can’t believe many gamers would make it much past level 10. Because, why?

This DLC is armor that you are guaranteed to outgrow. It looks really cool, but you can’t slip cool looking armor over your functional gear in the way you can in some MMOs. If you are stuck in the game, and even on easy mode you just can’t make it through, and you have tried a few different destinies and none of them are getting you through the hump, and you feel a quick shot of great gear would do the trick, then you should definitely buy this.

Otherwise, it’s just something that will look good for some screenshots but will be soon put away. Gear is not hard to come by in KoA:R, and you can make very good stuff via blacksmithing as well.

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