EQ: Project1999

EQ Emulator server list

EQ Emulator now works with versions of EverQuest *I actually have* now!

So anyway I still have some configuring to do before I can regress back to 1999. And I’m playing it through my LAN to where the files are stored on my Linux server because I had some crazy idea that I could play it in Wine. That wasn’t happening.

More later. Sleep now.

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One thought on “EQ: Project1999”

  1. Interesting. I have emulation pegged for when the real thing isn’t available any more and I wouldn’t risk my account by playing on an emulated server for a game that’s still Live, but Project 1999 is very intriguing.

    Which versions does it work with now? I still have my original disc from 1999. You’d think that would work…

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