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TV Watch: Being Human (UK)

Posted by on November 7, 2011

I didn't expect that a series about a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf living together in a Bristol flat would actually be a really compelling drama. I just had this idea it could only be a comedy. "Being Human" is a really great show.

Aaaaaand the home page contains a spoiler. Which I didn't know until I linked it.

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BBC – Being Human – Homepage of the official Being Human website from the BBC
The homepage of BBC Three's supernatural drama, Being Human

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7 Responses to TV Watch: Being Human (UK)

  1. Andy Parcell

    I tried watching the American version on Syfy but couldn't really get into it… I heard that the British one is much, much better though. Might have to try and catch up on Netflix!

  2. David Bates

    I agree +Andy Parcell I didn't really enjoy the American version.. maybe it was because I HATE IT when american tv tries to remake (exactly) the british version.. I mean come on .. and syfy markets as a original series..

    I need to get the BBC version .. I think I'd like it more.. I've always liked the British versions better.. Steptoe and Son, Torchwood.. you know the good ones ;)

  3. Brenda Holloway

    I don't know anything about an American version, but the first three series of the UK original are on Netflix streaming.

  4. Jeff Martin

    I love the BBC version and if you like Being Human check out Bedlam on BBC as well… awesome series.

  5. Aaron Miller

    Does the American version go by the same name? I've noticed a Being Human series on Netflix, but skipped it because I assumed it was corny.

  6. David Bates

    Yup it sure does go by the same name.. I dunno.. I just couldn't get into the American Version.. it is on Syfy .. currently coming into it;'s second season.. and yes.. Bedlam is awesome sauce.. I have a bunch on my tivo I need to watch…

  7. pasmith

    I’ve watched both and have enjoyed both. But I’m fairly ‘easy’ on TV shows anyway.

    Hadn’t heard of Bedlam; thanks for the tip!