Winds of Pandaria!

Authentic Winds of Pandaria screen shot.

Yeah, I’ve been in the Winds of Pandaria ALPHA for awhile. I’m telling you, it’s AWESOME. You guys are gonna freak. NDA prevents me from being too specific, buuuut… ya know Deathwing? Yeah. He’s a mount and you can ride him.

Wanna play a Pandaren Monk? Their special ability is KUNG FU LEAP. You start a jump, and then this map of Azeroth comes up, and you can land anywhere you like. You jump into frickin’ ORBIT, and guess what you see when you’re up there? Well, I can’t say, but you will need new pants afterward.

The Pandarens live in peace and harmony, and that means NO MONEY. Yup. Gold GOES AWAY ENTIRELY. The Auction House now deals in barter and karma. Do a nice thing for someone, you get a little karma you can spend. You can even help out animals and monsters for more karma. Blizzard just killed the whole gold farming industry. Now you’re going to see bunches of level 90 rogues jumping around trying to do nice things for you.

It’s gonna happen.

The challenge dungeons? Well I can’t give any specifics, but I can reveal that the Blizz devs have been holed up in a conference room with My Pretty Pony vids and a screensavers that play nothing but Nyan Nyan Cat.

This stuff’s going VIRAL.

This expansion takes the other expansions to a dark alley and steals their lunch money. Cataclysm already started running. Don’t matter. Pandaria will be there waiting for them.

You will skip classes and quit your job and just play Pandaria, and you know what? Nothing bad’s gonna happen, because everyone else is going to do the same thing. People all over the world will come together for the awesome.

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  1. let me be not wrong — socialistist kung-fu pandas? i’m thinking i can’t buy a kia for the same reasons.

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