Wizard101: It’s MOUNT WEEK!

Discovery Channel may have their Shark Week, but that’s kinda lame, if you ask me. They’d be better off having a Manta Ray week.

The first place they’d have to come to find the Very Best Manta Rays would be very deep in the Spiral, in a watery realm called Celestia. Maybe Selena Gomez could mention it to them because, heck, she’s been there already. She’s scoped out the fine mantas of Calypso’s realm for sure. Camera crews might be on their way — in fact one camera crew surprised me in my home while I was training a new crop of rays.

Fact is, we’re overstocked with manta rays. I can’t afford to keep them all, and besides, who can ride more than one? KingsIsle has graciously offered me codes for fifteen of the startled looking ocean gliders, so here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to tell you a few facts about manta rays, and at the end I’m going to ask you a question about manta rays. Leave a comment with your answer, and I will randomly choose fifteen of the correct answers and send you a code for a Permanent Manta Ray mount!

A couple of rules before we get started: Make sure you leave an e-mail address where you can be reached with the comment — there’s a field for it. Don’t put your e-mail address in the body of the comment, spammers will find it there.

Second, the contest will run from Wednesday, March 30 to Thursday, April 7th.

Third, I do not work for KingsIsle; I have no affiliation with them aside from being a big fan of Wizard101. I can’t get more codes; when these are gone, they’re gone.

SO ANYWAY! Here’s some facts about MANTA RAYS.

  1. Manta rays love paintings by A ARTY MAN.
  2. Serve sweet potatoes to a manta ray and you’ll hear A YAM RANT.
  3. if a manta ray goes to a zoo, they will stop and stare AT ANY RAM.
  4. Last time a manta ray went to a concert, it RAN AT MYA.
  5. And in spring, manta rays like to swim in A MAY TARN.

Now the question for YOU is…

What is a manta ray’s favorite insect?

Leave a comment and let me know below!

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