Unapologetic about this Rift screenshot

I’m trying not to go on and on about Rift; in fact I have decided to hardly mention it at all. It’s one thing if it’s a game few people play, but that’s not Rift’s problem.


Just wanted to share this screenshot of my Bard/Ranger/Assassin taking down the boss of an earth rift in the Stonefields. Yummy.

I love getting all cinematic on stuff.

Sorry for the Twitter spam…

My character, Dina, is nearly level 17 and really had no business being in the Stonefields. I just got bored with questing and rifting and wanted to explore. I didn’t know you could get kicked from public raids, but apparently you can — as soon as people saw my level, out I went. I did manage to stay in a two-group raid for this guy, though. Did well enough that I earned me a level 19 green tunic.

But since, as I said, I AM doing a lot of rifting, I’m mostly wearing planar reward gear ANYWAY, and my bow is planar as well, so the tunic that dropped is just Auction House fodder.

The guild I joined is still friendly. I haven’t grouped with anyone yet, aside from public raids for Rifts and a couple of times I forced myself into a group when someone was camping a spawn. One guy was so confused when I popped into his group — confused, and with little command of English. “WHAT U DO WHAT WHAT WHAT”.

Every rifting rogue has some ranger. Pets running all around.

Running rifty ranger rogues
with their little ranger hogs
jump and shoot and run and scatter

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3 thoughts on “Unapologetic about this Rift screenshot”

  1. Loving Rift also, can’t get enough of it. For first two days played my Warrior (Reaver/Paladin/Warlord) up to 24, but wasn’t like it as much as I had hoped.
    Today decided to make a Cleric (Inquistor/Cabalist/Sentinel) and loving it a lot. It’s much better for PvP, which I do a lot of, and can spec for healing, which seems to be missing a lot, and can even use Justicar if I want a tanking build.
    So I may end up staying with the Cleric, I’ll see how it is in a few days up into the 20’s.
    Meanwhile, a group of five guildies of mine are racing to 50, currently level 38 and getting a ton of server firsts.

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