EQ: Fippy, Fippy wherefore art thou, Fippy

Fippy Darkpaw isn’t quite live yet, but he’s in the server list. And as I scrolled — yes, this list is so long that it scrolls — through the list, it struck me how a near-twelve year old MMORPG has fifteen servers, one opening this very day, while far newer games like Vanguard and Warhammer Online are down to one or two far fewer.

The game designers for every new MMO can probably recite page after page of EverQuest’s flaws. And yet EQ is still going strong while new games come and go.

Maybe they’re doing something right?

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8 thoughts on “EQ: Fippy, Fippy wherefore art thou, Fippy”

  1. I’m anxiously awaiting getting home tonight so I can get started with my first foray in Norrath in a very long time! I played way back in it’s heyday and left after 4 years. I’ve always wished for another opportunity to play it all over again :-)

  2. EQ didn’t only just start a new server with Fippy, they started another new one last summer. No-one really seemed to know why – they did it right after the last round of server merges.

    Fippy tomorrow for me. Just did three hours chasing Rifts just for the fun of it and now it’s time for bed!

  3. Fippy has been population locked since I got home, they are trying to bring up a second progression server now.

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