Daily Blogroll, 12/1 — Dress Like a Pirate Edition

It was a 7.1 gig patch, but I did managed to get into Flying Lab’s Pirates of the Burning Sea last night, and spent a little more time with it tonight. Just went through the tutorial, did some of the Yuletide quests, joined a “society” (guild) named La Fédération, and wandered around the starting town. Veteran players were being helpful over the nationwide chat and the server was hopping. One server for North America, one for the EU, and a test server. I haven’t played PotBS for a couple of years, but I was very much impressed by their improvements to the land game. The NPCs sing, dance, and make the town very much a lively place to stroll — see the video at the end.

There’s a bit of rough sailing today, though; read all about it after the break.

To play World of Warcraft is to be hacked. I found out recently that my account had been used to spam gold sellers over a bunch of servers, and I never give out my password to ANYONE. AND I have an authenticator! You just can’t win. Some of the best minds with some of the best computers in the entire world devote all their time and energy to hacking WoW.

I’d like to say I’m shocked and surprised that this kind of stuff goes on in EVE Online, but seriously, EVE is all about the criminal underground. I haven’t checked lately, but I’d be willing to bet some ISK that there’s skills you can train to hack more efficiently. Toldain, with whom I shared one corp for a few weeks and another corp for about an hour, recently got hacked to the tune of THREE BILLION ISK. There was a time that would have been big news, and the thief would be bragging about it everywhere. Now, it’s just something that happens so often that CCP’s customer service doesn’t even blink an eye. Trying to sell Toldain’s character on the EVE forums, though — that was a nice touch.

DragonChaser Pete recently had his Lord of the Rings Online account banned for suspected hacking; not on his part, of course. Turbine managed to catch the hackers before any harm had been done, thankfully, but there’s a lesson in Toldain and Pete’s troubles: Go to your games and change the passwords to them all, right now. Because if you ever used your game password as the password for any other website, odds are you’re going to be hacked. No authenticator will save you if they really want to get in.

When you’re at a party, do you snipe from the edges of the conversation with hurtful remarks, or do you draw all the attention to yourself? Tesh draws the parallels between WoW groups and holiday gatherings in his treatise on Social Tanking.

You’ll never find someone as militant about smoking as an ex-smoker. And you’ll never find anyone quite as down on World of Warcraft as an ex-WoW junkie. As Cataclysm’s launch draws near (6 DAYS OMG!), Syncaine’s tirades against the world’s most popular game of all time and forever continue with a treatise on why WoW (and games like WoW) can never possibly do PvP better than EVE Online.

He has a point. The Ancient Gaming Noob wrote, just today, that “we get called griefers for daring to engage in PVP on a PVP server.

Oh, wow — Massively’s Game Archaeologist is looking back at RuneScape! I remember playing that game way back before it looked so nice. Can a return to Nexus: Kingdom of the Wind be far behind?

And lastly, via Cyanbane, word is NASA is going to make an announcement of an astrobiological discovery that will affect the search for extraterrestrial life. So, I guess we’re finally going to meet the aliens that landed here fifty years ago?

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10 thoughts on “Daily Blogroll, 12/1 — Dress Like a Pirate Edition”

  1. I know what you mean about PotBS, I haven’t really looked at it since beta (when I liked it but not enough to pay for a sub) and it’s looking much slicker now. I’m torn between rolling on the EU server where presumably people will be on my timezone and on the US server where I might meet other bloggers I sort of know although they might all be on at 3am.

    But I was very impressed at how much people can make their characters look like elves if they really really want, and that my female captain has a cool longcoat and long skirt as well as a pistol and sabre. A lot of games don’t do long skirts well.

  2. I found Syncaine’s posting to be spot on. Blizzard have turned more than ever into control freaks, open world PvP and a by now extremely quest giver guided PvE experience on rails just don’t go together.

    But let’s assume you are playing on a PvE server, the most dangerous enemies in WoW are high ledges by now, you can almost die falling down in Orgrimmar.

    The next step is to optimize the player out of the game, and make a Warcraft movie so that the designers can enjoy it without silly players trying to deviate from the guided crap collection quest experience they prepared for them.

  3. I remember playing PotBS for about 6 hours total days after it came out. Can’t remember exactly, must have been several years now. I do remember the gorgeous sea battles. I don’t WANT to remember the learning curve and how it became a chore very quickly.

    Then again, that is the advantage of F2P, you can calmly test the title without having to worry about your subscription running out. Would you actually recommend giving it another shot?

  4. [Pedant]

    Confusingly sailors use the word “sheet” to refer to the ropes attached to the corners of the sails, not to the sailcloth.


  5. LOL! I probably knew that once… thanks!

    I did find out while playing PotBS that you can turn the sails opaque with a keystroke…

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