Daily Blogroll, 11/30 — Worst Case Scenario edition

World of Warcraft’s forthcoming Cataclysm expansion (1 week away!!!!) is still setting fire to the blogroll today. Hey, if all a MMO has to do these days to generate some buzz is destroy the world, well, I have a couple candidates who could use some devastation.

I logged on to Vanguard yesterday evening to check on how my characters had fared in the big colossal server merge last July, and was shocked to find that whenever it was I last logged into the game, there had been no patches since. For a game that has had zero developer support in eleven months, the community there still seems vibrant and positive. You just can’t kill a good community.

You know? Forget EQ Next. EverQuest doesn’t need another reboot. EverQuest players are never going to jump ship to a completely new game, anyway. Why not VANGUARD Next? Come on, let’s start a petition or something.

Crunchy hot blog stuff after the break.

The Armadillo that is of a Greenish Hue wonders if maybe he didn’t need to twink his Cataclysm alt in quite as much heirloom gear, given how unchallenging and railsy the new content turned out to be. It’s telling that he’s already thinking about the next expansion AFTER Cataclysm.

Pete of Dragon Chasers flits five years into the future with a glimpse at how Blizzard will make World of Warcraft even easier. Better get your time machine checked, Pete. That wasn’t years, that was MONTHS.

Spinks was stunned to realize that there’s actually a New Star Trek vs Old Star Trek vibe going on in the Shattering — sure, the 1-60 lands may have a new story, but to the NPCs in the Burning Crusade, imminent destruction by Illidan and the Burning Leagion still threaten, and Northrend still groans under the weight of Arthas’ treachery.

Frogster announced a partnership with Chinese MMO giant Shanda Games to bring a new F2P, item-shop funded game designed for Western audiences to North America and most of Europe in 2012. Since the world will have ended by then, I probably don’t need to point out that they have previously partnered with a Chinese MMO company to bring a F2P, item-shop funded game designed for Western audiences to North America and most of Europe a couple years ago — Runes of Magic.

So, well, now there’s going to be a new one. The game will be developed with the cross-platform Gamebryo engine, which offers the possibility of a console port at some point.

Via Massively, we’ve learned that Flying Lab’s Pirates of the Burning Sea has gone Free-to-Play. This is a game that needs to be kept running, for diversity if nothing else. Pirate-themed MMOs have not exactly set the ocean on fire.

Please, give me a moment. I just found out Kaozz hates me. :( Or am I just a snob?

Anjin of Bullet Points finally found his true online love — crafting, via EQ2X, the F2P version of EverQuest II. Someone get him into Star Wars Galaxies, STAT!

It’s official, Massively will absolutely print any news about fantasy softporn MMO Tera they can dig up. Their latest windfall? Loading screens from the Korean version of the game. Someone paste “Sekrit TERA pics” to the front of a Victoria’s Secret catalog and drop it in the mail to the good folks at Massively, would ya?

Lastly, the brave Melmoth of Killed in a Smiling Accident uncovers the hidden perils of Lord of the Ring Online’s new “assist” feature.

See ya tomorrow, and enjoy yourself in whichever realm you roam!

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7 thoughts on “Daily Blogroll, 11/30 — Worst Case Scenario edition”

  1. If that is all EQ Next is, it will fail. EQ1 is still around and doing well. EQ Next needs to get those people that like the EQ lore, but not EQ as a game.

  2. It doesn’t matter what EQ Next is, in the context of existing EQ properties. People have already left EQ/EQ2 for other games but found the “innovations” to be weak or community destroying while the mechanics, graphics, and UIs were FAR superior.

    All we want is EQ without zonelines, 10 slot bag hard caps, instanced dungeons, non-instanced raids, and a UI that does make you claw your eyes out. Frankly, the EQers who believe nothing is wrong with their game can have it. I’ve played off and on since the beginning and it still hurts every time I come back. It hurts so much I can’t stay, let alone convince my buddies in wow/lotro/etc to come back or start up.

    A reboot with nothing but modern tech would absolutely succeed AND probably draw players from EQ and EQ2 who want the original experience without the original code.

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