7DRL — World of Roguecraft: Slightly more fun than clipping your nails.

The ratings for the entries in this year’s 7DRL — 7 Day Rogue-Like — game design challenge are in, and my entry, World of Roguecraft, is in the top 95%! So grats me ;)

My game had its best scores in aesthetics (2/3) and scope (1.67/3). Can’t argue with that. I spent too much time working on the game engine and not enough on the game. Next year, I’m going to take the hint and work on my game engine ahead of time, leaving the seven days of the competition focused entirely on making a game. That’s what the winner did, and is within the bounds of the challenge as long as you note that your game is built on a game engine.

Grats to all those who successfully finished their games; some of the games are incredible.

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5 thoughts on “7DRL — World of Roguecraft: Slightly more fun than clipping your nails.”

  1. lol… Mine was one of the worst scoring entries. “Top 95%” was something my dad would say to try and make the best of a bad showing.

  2. I agree that completing and submitting an entry definitely makes you a winner!

    That’s interesting that you can do the game engine ahead of time, I did not know that. I do like roguelikes, but now only tinker with them on my iPhone OS. (I used to play around with Jeff Lait’s POWDER on the Gameboys, but the iPhone OS has more other apps that I’m interested in and I don’t miss fiddling with getting the game to run where Nintendo doesn’t want it.) I currently have “Sword of Fargoal”, “RogueTouch”, and “iNetHack” loaded on mine.

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