Star Trek Online vs EVE Online, Part 4

The survivors of the destruction of the USS Alvarado had discovered scantily-clad native girls along with an ancient wreck of what appeared to be a Starfleet vessel. Putting that mystery aside, the crew got busy, their work cut out for them.

Parts 2-4 were originally one really long comic. I split it into three parts and added a little more to make it easier to read. Next stop for the STO crew: Jita. There is no way they can prepare themselves for the mercantile capital of New Eden.

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8 thoughts on “Star Trek Online vs EVE Online, Part 4”

  1. Awesome, Tipa.
    BIG lol on that one!
    I think that must’ve happened to every EVE player at least a couple times =)

  2. At LEAST a couple of times! The big contest is seeing how far away you get before you remember. Almost is bad is not remembering to actually ACCEPT the quest.

  3. Great comics, keep up the good work! And put me down for the left station without loading the mission item into my cargo hold group as well. Plus the warp out without retrieving my drones, and buying something cheap on the market without realizing its in a nearby low-sec station.

  4. hah. everything solvable in 46 minutes. damn it, jim, i’m a doctor; i only bought levels in comedian cause mom said it would help me meet girls.

  5. Great comic! Can’t wait to see what happens when they enter Jita. Let’s hope it’s not sunday night :)

  6. eve sucks plain and simple mister fan boy. spread sheet game you can play afk vs a real game. and lets face it the sto ship would own the titain with viral matrix and useing space object for cover.yes in sto you can use objects in space as cover unlike eve….ive played eve since the begining so dont try to lie to kick it

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