EVE Online: Invention yields a huge success

Although invention in EVE Online can be lucrative, my main motivation is to make stuff I can use. My first foray into the invention world was Hammerhead II medium drone blueprints. I’d make the drones from them and sell them for a >500% profit.

That was good, but it could be better. It’s been a goal of mine for some time to pilot an Ishtar Heavy Assault Cruiser (HAC). Fast guns, fast ship overall, plus a lot of tanking ability and the best drone control of any ship in its class, able to single-handedly clear plexes and level 4 missions. A Dominix battleship in a smaller, more agile package, essentially.

For the past couple of weeks, my invention assembly lines have been working on Ishtar blueprints. The base Vexor blueprint, needed to expand into the Ishtar, can be had for 150-200K ISK several places. The datacores I get from research agents. The decryptors I get from plexes — all these things together would sell for a little over 2 million ISK. I sell the resulting BPs for 11-12 million ISK, for another 500% profit. An easier profit, though, because I am not running around everywhere finding the components to manufacture Hamerhead II drones.

The plan was always to, when I finished training the skills to fly it, to make one of those Ishtars for myself. That will cost me about 129 million ISK if I buy all the components on the market. A couple of weeks ago, the price for an Ishtar was down to 123 million ISK in Sinq Laison, so I put a buy order in for an Ishtar at 120 million ISK (hoping to catch a further dip in the price) and sold the blueprint I had in stock.

The Ishtar price suddenly bounced back into the 130s, and now is hovering around 140 million ISK. Now it is cheaper for me to manufacture an Ishtar than to buy one. I made the rounds of my research agents gathering datacores, bought a Vexor BP from a supplier in Amarr with whom I’ve done business before, and headed back to the corp POS to put another Ishtar bp in the cooker.

I was SHOCKED to check the results today and find that not only was the invention a success, but it produced (due to the decryptor I used) a Ishtar BP with *two runs*. The far more usual result is a single run (though there are rumors of ten run BPs).

That tosses a spanner in the works. I can’t afford to make TWO Ishtars, so I’m forced to sell this special blueprint. I’ll likely try to get 25m ISK for it. I’ve already put another Ishtar invention job in the cooker. If this one pans out, it’ll be time to start gathering the components. Almost all the Ishtar components are products of moon mining, something beyond the capabilities of OtakuDyne. Kinda makes me think that Tech II ship production is only marginally profitable unless you have moon mining capabilities.

It’ll all be worth it the first time I take my Ishtar out, gliding through enemy strongholds as silent as a shadow, and suddenly bleed drones like some deadly stigmata, guns making designer holes in anything that strays within range….

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5 thoughts on “EVE Online: Invention yields a huge success”

  1. When you have a blueprint with multiple runs, you don’t have to make all the runs at once. You can make 1 Ishtar now and save the second for a rainy day.

  2. 10-run BPCs and such usually come from the use of decryptors. Did you use one?

    Also, don’t forget to factor the datacores used in unsuccessful runs to your cost structure. Good luck from another T2 inventor here!

  3. People often deride the random number generator when armchair theorising about MMOs but it’s occasions like this that show how much fun it can be.

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