Nemesis Mine: This has got to stop.

It’s not that I don’t agree with everything Syp of Bio Break says, or stands for. Well, I DON’T agree, but it isn’t JUST that.

If I said LEFT, he’d say RIGHT. If I looked up at the sun and said it was bright, he’d swear from here to Sunday that it was the blackest night he’d ever seen. He just can’t stand seeing me be right about anything. Well, that ends now. Because I AM right. About EVERYTHING.

And that makes HIM WRONG.

Proof? I have proof. I come loaded with proof. I have more proof than a thousand high school geometry teachers. I have more proof than ten Jack Daniels bottling plants stacked one on top the other. I have more proof than a hundred CIA agents in a thousand Guatanamo Bays. I have proof cabinets filled with proof.

Yeah. So let’s take things one at a time.

Post on iPhone apps? Well, he has never even SEEN an iPhone, so where does he get off talking about iPhone apps? The only reason he mentions it is because he gets a dime whenever someone buys one. Getting rich from the commercial endorsements, Syp? Hope that new Jaguar was worth the loss of your integrity.

Quote of the Day from his alleged wife? He just made that up. You know it, I know it, he knows it. Never was said, never happened. It’s his blog, he makes the rules, and rules are WHATEVER.

He wrote ONE PARAGRAPH asking if WoW gets off easy for having crappy patches because it’s older and gets FOURTEEN COMMENTS! He wrote them all.

It’s true.

Look, I didn’t ask to be Syp’s nemesis but…. Okay, I DID ask. BUT! STILL! Doesn’t mean SOMEONE didn’t have to call a shovel a spade here.

Ball’s in your court, Syp. IF THAT’S YOUR REAL NAME.

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15 thoughts on “Nemesis Mine: This has got to stop.”

  1. You’re going on my feed list for that, young lady!

    And I thought Syp was supposed to be SynCaine? At least on the commercial endorsements angle.

  2. Love your come back Tipa! Well said, well said. Unlike SOME bloggers, your posts are orginal, funny, with getting what you need to know, about different games. In other words: YOUR BLOG ROCKS, HIS BLOG STINKS!!

    -Girl in Black13

  3. Just when I was starting to think the blog arena was in the doldrums of late…

    …wait, or does this mean there’s nothing better to do?

    Now I’m confused… but oddly entertained. :)

  4. Tipa I understand that tempers are running high at the moment but please think before you post. Dragging Syp’s wife into crosses a line. I am trying to sit on the fence on this spat. I enjoy both your blogs and I am trying to see both sides. I do hope and believe it is still possible for you two to reconcile BUT ONLY IF YOU REFRAIN FROM PERSONAL ATTACKS ON MEMBERS OF SYP’s FAMILY.

    Oh and by the way Tipa … there is absolutely no need for all those anglo saxon four letter words. Clean up you act a bit will you?

  5. Hmmm Mbp, I’m pretty sure both Tipa and Syp are light-heartedly parodying the Tobold-Syncaine spat and I highly doubt either of them are offending the other.

  6. I know that Stabs … I was trying to play along. I kinda hoped my reference to Tipa using bad language would give it away (Tipa’s language is always the height of propriety).

  7. You call that PROOF?! You clearly don’t know the definition of the word! He has endorsements because he DESERVES them, that’s right; deserves. Obviously, you are terribly jealous of Syp and his blogging success.

    Syp rules!

  8. Had fun playing WAR and reading Syp’s old blog (new one just isn’t the same) but having been Tipa’s sponsor to a certain raiding guild I kinda hafta side on her side. :P

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