Off to Virginia, but first, a puzzle:

I’m driving to Virginia today to visit my son. So I’ll be gone a couple of days, but the Adventures in Monopoly crew have been playing Scrabble, and came upon an interesting board position. So while I’m gone….

1) What was the last piece placed?
2) In what order were the legal plays made?
3) If Bear moved first, who won?

See you Wednesday!

(Update: a couple possible answers in the comments)

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4 thoughts on “Off to Virginia, but first, a puzzle:”

  1. Hats off to you! I didn’t think anyone would actually try to solve it!

    Your solution works, but since you likely didn’t have a Scrabble board handy, you may not have noticed that the S in SNEERS and BREEDS is on a double word score. That play could never have been saved for the last move ;) But your solution, I think, in the end scores higher than mine. Though as you point out there are likely many solutions, here’s what I came up with:

    1 6 serene
    1 10 sn(e)ers
    2 13 admit(s)
    2 13 de/(a)d(s)/(d)e(e)
    3 7 (i)d(e)a
    3 11 (de)a(d)/(m)a(r)
    4 11 (dead)e(n)/(t)e(n)
    4 18 (ads)orb
    5 7 (a)t(e)/(ten)t
    5 9 (b)reeds
    6 27 (dee)pe(r)/(o)p/(r)e
    6 25 (re)nte(r)/n(e)/(idea)t(e)/(tent)e(d)
    7 18 (mar)i(ne)/(op)i(ate)

    99 bear
    86 scottie dog

    last piece played: I

  2. I keep meaning to try to solve it… so thanks for posting it. I’m just slow and don’t have a lot of time to devote to it. *shrug*

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