Wizard101: Ravenscar cleared, Grizzleheim done, School Houses LIVE.

Ninja Pigs save the day!

You don’t have anything to worry about when you have ninja pigs on your side. The second to last battle in Grizzleheim is against the Gurtok Barrier Beast, a fire Oni with 7000 health. What you can’t before is that you’re going to be fighting him alone.

It was not an easy fight for a 41 Myth wizard to do, especially since I had forgotten to ever buy the Reshuffle card for her deck. She was down to just one card — a heal — and the boss had over 400 health left. Marissa was forced to draw some treasure cards… and there were the Ninja Pigs brothers, Poruku, Hama, and Bakon, ready to go.

It was a beautiful sight. I’d summoned a Minotaur minion. They are SUPPOSED to tank for you. Maybe they do, if you don’t do any damage, but mine just kept casting tower shields, doing the occasional ineffectual taunt, and sending trolls at it, none of which seemed to concern the Oni.

Ninja pigs killed it, I moved on.

But when Allison, the 43 Balance wizard, faced that same monster, it had a different ending. I’d sent her in unknowingly (I was fighting with both characters simultaneously on different screens) with her group-oriented deck, and she didn’t have the heals to survive the fight. If she’d been able to summon a Storm or even an Ice elemental minion, she still might have come out ahead. Three times, though, the pet chosen was a Fire elemental, which had nearly zero effect on the fire Oni. Without enough heals or a minion that could deal some sort of non-fire damage, Allison was doomed.

I went back for a second try, this time with plenty of heals. AND a Reshuffle. Though it was still Fire minion time, Allison was prepared with plenty of shields and blades and took the Gurtok down without much trouble at all.

Four bosses, no waiting.

I didn’t realize I was so close to the end of Grizzleheim. I walked into the Raven’s Coven, though, and knew from Thomas’ descriptions of the fight that this was the end.

Four bosses at once. Life, Storm, Death and Fire. This wasn’t a fight I was going to win alone. I’m not even sure I could solo this with my grandmaster Life wizard main, though maybe I could.

Thomas, the Friendly Necromancer, had helped me with some of the boring farming quests earlier in the evening, but he’d logged off by the time I got to the ravens. There was nothing to fear, though, because my good friend Trevor Lightheart was online. A grandmaster Balance wizard would be an amazingly useful friend right about then :) A rented death wizard rounded out the group. We waded in and then….

Hours later…. (it seemed like…)

We won! And we were SHOWERED with loot. Allison got both a Myth and Balance robe, Marissa got a different Myth robe, both got new weapons, there were house items, it was just a bonanza of loot. Everything was minimum level 45, though. Apparently KI didn’t expect wizards lower than 45 to be able to meet the ravens. I guess they were right :) I’d be lost without friends, that’s for sure.

Storm house!

School housing goes live today! Storm was the one I’d picked after touring through all of them on the test realm, and this morning, it was Storm that was on sale, for 7500 Crowns vs the regular 10,000 Crown price. It was meant to be. I bought it immediately.

I’m not sure how I’m going to decorate it. I’m not going to give up my Marleybone mansion. That will still have its uses. I’m instead going to carefully choose what is brought to the Storm island, not let it become the random mess my other home has suffered. I’ll have an open house when I’m done so everyone can check it out :)

I can’t wait to see what everyone does with their new homes! I’m especially interested to see what the Balance buyers do with their archaeological digs!

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  1. I have been trying to solve the quest of finding Gurtok’s blood in Ravenscar. Can you offering any hints? I have tried defeating the various ravens (Stragoi Gollowgrief, Ingram Glyphcutter, Eitri Shadowmirk, Munim Mistweaver and Kol Shadowsong). Once I defeat them nothing happens. I tried to get to Mord Runechanter (Boss) but couldn’t get to him.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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