Earth Eternal open beta opening early for closed beta testers

Um, title kinda says it all. But to repeat — the new, free, browser-based, anthropomorphic MMO from Sparkplay has just finished up its closed beta and is trundling steadily toward open. But if you were one of the lucky few to get into the closed beta, you can get into the open beta starting…. tomorrow, Thursday.

If you like MMOs where furry critters gain thumbs and intelligence and learn to make their way in a world humans have mysteriously left behind, then you’re probably already an Earth Eternal player.

Here’s the press release — and there’ll be a ‘first look’ from me in a few days, after open beta has truly and unmistakeably begun:

First off, a big THANK YOU for participating in the Earth Eternal Closed Beta. With your help we were able to identify and fix over 1000 bugs!

As a reward, we are going to allow all of our closed beta testers into Open Beta a few days before the rest of the world and give you a chance to claim your character names and play through the early levels first.

As an additional bonus, all credits you purchase will give you an additional 30% bonus credits from now until Open Beta. Stock up early!

We’re going to open Earth Eternal to you starting this Thursday at around 3 pm Pacific time (10pm GMT). Just log in, create your character and you’re off! You will also receive a little gift in your inventory from us.

Thanks and see you in-game!


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3 thoughts on “Earth Eternal open beta opening early for closed beta testers”

  1. You know actually it sounds like the future where we increased the intelligence of our worker animals just before the singularity (the farms and houses were actually for anachronistic fun), then as we changed and evolved upwards it looks to those left behind like we up and left. Maybe our minds are still there, or in orbit, but the now intellgent animals are like “what happened to the people?”

    So really it’s a science fiction game!

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