EVE Online: PvP ops fallout

C beams on fire off the shoulder of Orion

Last night, a “rogue group” of us OtakuDyne types headed to lowsec for some ratting fun, and ended up going to nullsec to rat, and taking on some players we found. We killed our fellow ratters, and then their friends killed us.

Was that all there was to it?

Nope, we’d kinda opened a playroom door and chucked a stink bomb in, then ran away to a closet to hide and snicker.

Turns out that we’d chosen a bad place to look for some casual PvP — the Providence region, controlled by the powerful Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA), an alliance with a very long history in the game.

As a result, our corp was declared Kill On Sight in Providence space. Providence is normally a safe area in 0.0 space, where you can transact business, mine or go ratting without fear. Unless you’re us. Us, they will kill.

A corp director will be negotiating with CVA to get the KOS removed. Red has a couple replacement ships ready if they ask; I’ve donated ISK to help defray any other costs or conditions they might have.

A lot of people might say this was just a big clusterf**k and we were idiots and should be ashamed of what we did. Wrong. I’m happy, happy, happy, and I think the lesson we’re being taught is a cheap one. I don’t regret a thing, except that I got away with my ship. That seems somewhat unfair.

But as a result, a big alliance like CVA knows who we are. Clear this up and we can play in Providence, a place unknown to PvE’rs like ourselves. This mistake opportunity can open doors to new places and maybe we don’t have to be a highsec corp forever because, much as I love EVE — and I DO — a diet of nothing but highsec could get dull. I’m not spending months training up to bigger and better ships just so I can grind what are essentially just quests. I’m spending months — and hundreds of millions of ISK — training up to bigger and better ships so that someday I can be in a big fleet flying off somewhere to meet up with another big fleet and contesting the ownership of a piece of sky.

So yeah. Yesterday I had never heard of CVA — I’m still a noob to EVE in general and even more so to EVE nullsec politics. Now I not only know of them, I know their goals and purposes and what they’re all about, been directed to a FFA PvP section of nullsec we can play in without angering any alliance, starting to learn about the geography of 0.0. Big smile on face time.

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9 thoughts on “EVE Online: PvP ops fallout”

  1. Wow, way to get sucked into the heady world of EVE politics.

    This is starting to get very interesting Tipa, I look forward to reading about the follow up. I followed the link to their website and checked out CVA policies. Given their very strong Pro-Amarr stance you might want to hide those Minmatar ships your corp mates were flying!

    Out of interest what are those Graffe Forums and why were folks posting diplomatic messages there rather than on the main EVE forums?

  2. wow – I was going to ask where you went to fight on your last post – CVA defend their territory heavily, they try to police it as much as possible. if you take a small roaming gang into some other areas of 0.0 you’ll find that you’ll go unbothered except by other small gangs for a while (unless of course you happen to accidentally run into a large roaming gang). The Northern Coalition for instance is more interested in defending against sovereignty threatening forces than chasing arround small gangs of < 10 ships so you may have more luck :-) be sure to check out the 0.0 influence map: http://go-dl.eve-files.com/media/corp/Verite/influence.png

  3. See, as an EVE noob, all anyone has ever said to me about nullsec was, if you go there, you will be hunted down and killed, unless you hunt someone down and kill them first. This is the book and verse of what is told to every new EVE pilot. Sure, I heard of alliances like Goonswarm, and it sounded to me like pretty much the big alliances just hunted down people and killed them.

    I’d never heard that there were safe places in nullsec; nobody ever mentioned that.

  4. That kind of sucks. So not only did you lose almost all of your gang’s chosen ships in that battle, you have to pay a tax/bribe/penalty just to go back without a large alliance declaring you kill on sight? Glad you can take it positive, I’d tell CVA to take their “long and glorious history,” shove it up their ass, and tell them they had better camp every single gate in their territory with a bunch of ships, we are coming back and raiding some more sheep from your farm.

    If you are going to pirate, might as well go all the way imo :P

  5. @Egat — Just trying to make your life difficult :)

    @Dblade — ya know, that brings up something pretty interesting. EVE’s metagame — this whole political thing — is as strong as the game itself. That’s the mark of a game that means something to people. Sure we could ignore it, but all this stuff is what makes EVE special. If I ignore it, EVE just becomes a video game. Same thing with EverQuest — it was the community that made the game. Without it, it’s just a grind.

  6. Tipa you can’t keep talking positive about impact PvP! Don’t you know negative-sum PvP is a downward spiral for any game and eventually it forces all the players to quit because they got griefed and lost their pixels to some 13yr old in a basement playing for lulz? You don’t know ANYTHING, gosh!

    (Glad you are having fun in the happy world of 0.0, and good luck to you and your crew!)

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