Daily Blogroll 8/21 – Gloomshine Edition

The Docks in Gatheryn

Is Gatheryn in open beta or not? Massively says not yet, but following Merry and Pippin’s example, I showed up where I wasn’t invited because they couldn’t keep me away. Picture above is from the docks, where it’s clear they haven’t invented automated rust scrapers and hull painters in Elymia as of yet.

In news of the OTHER upcoming superhero game, Massively also has screens of SOE’s DC Universe Online. This fast-paced, arcade-ish actioner looks to be the evil twin to Champions Online’s more traditional quest-based offering.

After a shaky launch for its open beta, Cryptic’s hero game has been slowly winning over the blogosphere. A Ding World’s Sente quite likes the game, now that he’s had some time with it. And quite a few bloggers agree. Do the folks from the City of Cats have another hit on their hands?

Melmoth of KiaSA couldn’t even barely see the game for the bloom. After hours of dedicated investigation, he has some tips to making your Champions Online hero a little less glowy.

Naamah of Aionic Thoughts takes a look at Aion’s first action figure — and doesn’t like what he sees. Zombie Bo Derrik? With wings?

The big news yesterday was all about Guild Wars 2. This sequel to the incredibly popular F2P fantasy RPG picks up years after the original game ends, and opens up the world in incredible ways. Syp of Bio Break has a rundown of the new features.

GW2 won’t have traditional quests — it will have Events. See something happening? Head on over and have a look — the world is alive and things are happening all around you.

Given a couple of days to digest CCP’s revelation of a planetside-based ground game to complement EVE Online’s space game in Dust 514, the bloggers have weighed in, and CrazyKinux has gathered together their reactions.

In all the excitement about Champions, Dust 514, Guild Wars 2 and other high profile news, is there room for yet another beta? Post-apocalyptic MMO Fallen Earth hopes to entice Fallout fans into their world with their open beta. Darren of Common Sense Gamer thinks it plays quite a lot like EVE Online, especially with the lengthy crafting sessions. Syp goes so far as to say it might be this autumn’s surprise hit.

Slavering to get back to World of Warcraft’s older zones with a new revamp as part of the Cataclysm expansion? Not so fast — Gordon of We Fly Spitfires gives a list of reasons why it’s likely a huge hoax. But we’ll find out this weekend, as Blizzard will undoubtedly have something to say about it at this year’s Blizzcon.

And lastly, some of us play MMOs to get away, for awhile, from reality. But Julian of Kill Ten Rats argues that in a LOT of ways — the real world is better!

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