Daily Blogroll 8/14 – Remythed Edition

The Resurrection of Mythos?

Apparently, Diablo-esque MMO Mythos, formerly developed by the Diablo-esque developers of Diablo, who lost the rights to their game to Korean publisher HanbitSoft, is apparently … coming. Details are slim, but it looks as if Redbana, publishers of the online dance game Audition, will also be taking on a newly relaunched Mythos. Head to the Mythos site to sign up for the beta… Thanks to Heartless_ for spotting their solitary tweet on Twitter about this!

And I gotta agree with Heartless_ — the Overworld had some good parts (I loved the new city), but I preferred the instanced world.

Warhammermer explores the darker side of super-cute Asian MMOs with two frankly disturbing videos from Luna Online. I won’t be downloading this game because I like not being in jail.

If you’re gonna do a dance routine in-game, it’s gonna have to be the Melancholy of Harumi Suziya dance. It’s an anime about a girl who believes she’s the most important person in the entire world, but it must be kept hidden from her the fact that she actually IS.

Pete of Dragonchasers bemoans the Achievement systems that tend to drive modern MMOs and other games, and it’s nothing but yawn until — hey, wait, I can dress up my XBox Live avatar by unlocking achievements? WIN!

Suzina of Kill Ten Rats opines that the BEST achievements are the ones that give intangible rewards because, hey, if the reward is beneficial in some way, everyone will just put their shoulder to the GRIND-stone until they, too, get it, like with the Force-sensitive slot in Star Wars: Galaxies. It’s not a real achievement if EVERYONE has it.

The folks at KTR were busy yesterday. Ravious found a lot to nod about as LotRO dev Orion defined the casual player as someone who had a lot of demands on their time, of which only one was gaming.

And lastly, the final word on Evony. (okay, so I’m not sure that has anything to do with the GAME Evony… but do their advertisements? I rest my case.)

Thank your randomly generated deity who you may (or may not) worship and you may (or may not) make offerings to and who may (or may not) influence your character in game, IT’S FRIDAY!

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7 thoughts on “Daily Blogroll 8/14 – Remythed Edition”

  1. Luna Online is pretty popular asian free to play game. The characters are supposed to be chibi not young. Its a cartoon style. But it might be more odd for me if I hadn’t see this cartoon style before. Or if I was a guy.

  2. Hey! My poor Xbox Avatar NEEDS an RC Warthog to play with while I’m at work, right?! :)

    I can’t defend my enjoyment of earning stupid things for my avatar. I throw myself on the mercy of my readership.

  3. Fair :) The community on Luna so far are pretty nice. I think beau was talking about how some free to play designs builds nice communitys. It seems to be the case here, with guilds and familys its pretty social and people are happy to help. However if two friends want to play together they should play boy/girl as then they can do date dungeons together and have extra options. It has the whole everquest wandering boss thing, so if you see something huge jumping along the horizon, run very fast. They sneak up on you and then your squished by a giant slime.

  4. OK, I caved in to curiosity on the anime link. Now you’ve got my animator’s spidey senses ringing. It’s been a while since I looked at anything anime, and I was rather forcibly reminded of why. It’s actually animated really well (though maybe not Miyazaki level), but the actual *content* that’s being animated is just so… so… so-so. The dichotomy makes my head hurt. (Though the *premise* of that particular show sounds intriguing.)

  5. Actually the lucky star dance probably is the best, and has really overshadowed haruhi. Nico Nico Douga has done some honestly AMAZING work with both, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SRUCfgSj_0 to see the Haruhi opening done with Lucky Star characters.

    Tesh, you may want to see Kamichu for a great take on the same premise but radicallly different.

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