EQ2: How to find the banker in Kelethin

Here’s how to find the banker — or any other NPC — in Kelethin. This works for NPCs in any city. Wolfshead was pretty positive about the Greater Faydark area in general, and I appreciate that — I think it’s a great starting zone — but to flatly say it’s impossible to get a guard to show you to the banker unless you know the banker’s name, or that it’s all that hard to get around the city with the map, well….

Step 1. Find any guard

Step 1: Find a city guard. Guards outside the city don’t know where stuff is inside a city, but they can direct you around the larger zone.

Click on the guard and ask for the banker

Step 2: Click on them, and enter “bank” or “banker”. If you know the first and/or last name of the NPC, you could enter that, too.


Step 3: Guard tells you where the NPC is generally, and gives you a glowing trail to follow to it.

It's on the map, too.

Step 4: Or just look at the map.

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7 thoughts on “EQ2: How to find the banker in Kelethin”

  1. I can see where Wolfshead would have gotten confused and thought he needed the full name of the banker – the dialog text is incomplete given what you just showed us. A more apt dialog would read:

    “Enter the name or profession of the NPC that you need help finding.”

  2. Actually, re-reading the article, it looks like he didn’t ask a guard at all, he just used the waypoint window, where the banker is listed only by name (apparently). So this entire post is more or less pointless, except that — you find NPCs by asking a guard :)

  3. This post is ridiculous! It assumes I read and use the in game “confusing” interface rather than spam general or newbie chat.

  4. That review is pretty silly. He seems to like to compare EQ2 to WoW a lot, but only when it works for his argument.

    For example, he says that you should have all of the horse travel points in Gfay from the beginning and not have to run to each post. That’s basically how it is in WoW, you have to run to the outpost first and then you can get the flight point there and easily return. But then earlier in his review he was saying that Kelethin should be easier to navigate and cited Ironforge and, of all cities, The Exodar (which about 7 people use regularly) as examples.

    The feeling I got from this review makes me think he assumes anyone trying out EQ2 is an idiot who won’t be able to figure anything out unless their hand is held. If EQ2 was someone’s first mmo, I could understand the confusion and feeling of being overwhelmed…but you’ll have that no matter what game you play.

    I’m also not sure why someone is picking apart a game that’s almost 5 years old in the way he’s doing it. I’ve played WoW for 3 years and EQ2 for about 6 months over a year span. I’ve enjoyed both games, and they both cater to different audiences and play styles.

    I think I need my own blog. =P

  5. Also not mentioning the many fairly hard to navigate WoW cities, like Stormwind or the Undercity or especially the Tauren city, which easily rivals Kelethin for complexity.

    I guess not even WoW can live up to WoW’s high standards.

  6. Doesn’t the map now have a drop down that you can select the specific point of interest you want to see… like bankers…

    Or was i dreaming about feature i wanted in eq2….

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